The Leading Name in Patented, Rug Anti-Slip Products

Cybergold - Rug Control™
Number One in Non-Slip

Cybergold has been producing rug-grip technology since 1997. Our products span a range from spray-on products to underlays.

Rug Control™ and Rug Control™ super strength sprays. Different situations require different types of product, from the standard spray, to the more robust and stronger super strength.

Rug Control™ underlay - Antique Protection for antique and high value mats and rugs, Cybergold invented a range of SUPER STRENGTH underlays, in pre-packed sizes and rolls.

In addition to the range of Cybergold non-slip, rug-grip products, Cybergold also has a range of very effective stain removers for rugs, upholstery, curtains and general household fabrics.

The Cybergold Range

Rug Control™ sprays and Rug Control™ underlays have been designed to provide you with a fast and effective solution to all your rug and carpet slip problems but without compromising the quality or value of your carpets. See Rug Control™ underlays in pre packed sizes and rolls, if using the product on antique rugs or rugs of value.

Cybergold. The Leading Name in Patented Rug Anti Slip Products.