Stop Rugs Moving and Slipping - Guaranteed

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Rug Control™ Underlay

Rug Control™ Superlux

Tackle slip and slide wherever you have rugs

Rug Control™ underlay is the instant solution to stop your rug or mat from slipping or moving, whether laid on any type of carpet, hard floor, including wood, synthetic and stone floors. It is a thin underlay and will not show under your rug or mat. If you wish to move your rug or mat just pick up a corner and re-lay as required. Rugs can be repeatedly lifted for vacuuming and the underlay can be washed and reused up to three times before renewing.

Available in 'Standard'- white polyester. 'Heavyweight'- beige polyester. 'Superlux'- high quality black and grey combination polyester:-


60cm x 25m


1m x 25m


1.2m x 25m


1m x 25m Heavyweight


1m x 25m Superlux




Pre-Cut Underlay Sizes

50cm x 100cm


70cm x 140cm


50cm x 200cm


110cm x 170cm


100cm x 200cm


150cm x 220cm


Baby & Animal Safe

Cybergold Rug Control™ underlay is harmless to babies, children and animals so it is safe to use on rugs and mats in your home.


Cybergold Rug Control™ underlay is guaranteed to stop your rug or mat from slipping and moving on every type of carpet and all hard floors.

How to Use

Simply cut Rug Control™ underlay to size and place under rug or mat. The patented product holds the rug or mat in position and will stop it moving in any direction.

++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Cybergold Rug Control™ underlay is totally harmless and non-hazardous. Cybergold only uses natural, recyclable products in our packaging. Respecting the earth's natural resources and looking after our planet. ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++