Stop Rugs Moving and Slipping - Guaranteed

Cybergold - Since 1997

Cybergold is the market leader in rug-grip technology. We started manufacturing in 1997 producing Rug Controlâ„¢ spray product and expanded the range of products to meet all customer needs.

Since then, our products have become synonymous with the quality and reliability that our trade and retail customers all know us for.

We produce a range of products from spray-on to pre-packs and roll-based products and from standard to super strength.

In addition to the range of Cybergold Rug Controlâ„¢ Non-Slip products, Cybergold also has a range of very effective Stain Removers for Rugs, Upholstery, Curtains and general household fabrics.

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Stop Rugs Moving and Slipping - Guaranteed